Panther180 Support Account Access Request Form

If a faculty wants to designate an Administrative Assistant from their unit to complete data entry for their faculty profile, a Panther180 Support Account Access Request Form will be required in order for the Administrative Assistant to have access. The level of access range from Full Administrative Rights; Report Rights Only and Limited Access. To complete the form, please click link below:
Please note: Faculty are responsible to review their data to correct, modify, add or delete information to ensure accuracy.

Panther180 Support & Training

Support and training for Panther180 is provided by the Office of the Provost, Planning & Finance.

Faculty User Tutorials

Tutorials for new Panther180 faculty members.

Faculty Activity Input Webinar (April 2018)

An overall webinar for new users.

Import Publications Using Google Scholar

A guide to import from Google Scholar.

How to Login to Panther180 Step by Step Tutorial

Not getting into Panther180?

Panther180 Training Manual

A breakdown manual of all sections within Panther180.

Committee guide to review candidate file in Panther180

Reviewing files as a committee member.

Research/Grants Data User Reference Guide

Detailed document of information auto-populated via ORED to the Panther180 Research/Grants Section.

How to acknowledge your evaluation

Did I acknowledge my evaluation yet?

Importing Publications from Web of Science

A guide to import from Web of Science.

Submitting Faculty Evaluations in Panther180

How to submit my annual evaluation.

Submitting NTTP Files in Panther180

Submitting NTTP file for promotion.

Submitting PDL Applications in Panther180

How to submit my PDL Application.

Submitting Sabbatical Application in Panther180

Submitting my Sabbatical in Panther180.

Submitting Self-Evaluations in Panther180

How to submit my self-eval.

Submitting Tenure and Promotion Files in Panther180.

Submitting Tenure and Promotion files in Panther180.

Submitting Third Year Review (TYR) Application in Panther180

How to submit my TYR in Panther180.

Using you Vita & Biosketches templates in Panther180

Ever try to preview a vita in Panther180?

Admin User Tutorials

Tutorials for the use of Administrators and Panther180 Liaisons. 

Emulating a Faculty Tutorial

How to emulate a user in Panther180.

How to login to Panther180

Step by step guide for getting into the Panther180 system.

Reviewing Sabbatical Applications in Panther180

What information should I be reviewing?

Viewing previously submitted evaluations

Need to find an evaluation you submitted last year?

Panther180 Administrator Webinar (April 2018)

An overall webinar for administrators and liaisons.



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11200 SW 8th ST, Miami, FL 33199
Monday – Friday 8:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.